Are you preparing the Company’s Party?

Are you looking for a suitable program for the company’s or the private venues, which would attract the attention and would be a beautiful unforgettable experience to remember?

A unique Bubble Show is exactly what are you looking for.
It will create a magical atmosphere that your guests would be literally excited about.
Pavel Roller, the Professional Bubble Artist will show during his original Bubble Show many interesting bubble magics and tricks, that are unique in the Czech Republic.
The Bubble Show will amaze you with the fascinating beauty of the wonderful soap bubbles colours from which are created the delicate artworks. 

The audience will be also participating during the Bubble Show. Your guests will have a big chance to be inside of the giant bubble which will  be an unforgettable experience to remember.
Our Bubble Show program can be used both indoors and outdoors.
A Little Bubble Workshop can be added to the program as its extension.



Bubble Show : 15 minutes

The basic Bubble Show program consists of the bubble tricks presentations. For instance: bubble in the bubble, bubble cube, carousal, bubble tennis, bubble volcano, caterpillar, smoke bubbles, burning bubbles, bubble snakes, waterfalls…and we will finish with the selection of several guests that will be closed inside of the giant bubble.


Bubble Show + Workshop : 30 minutes 

The basic bubble show program is 15 minutes in length + 15 minutes of the bubble workshop.
We will teach your guests some of the bubble tricks during the Bubble Workshop that can be seen during the Bubble Show. For instance: bubble dance, bubbles in the bubble, bubble tennis.
Your guests will have a chance to use our great bubble mixture and with the help of different bubbles sticks and loops will try the creation of small and big bubbles.


Order our Bubble Show and we will bring your guests plenty of wonderful bubble fun.

Don’t hesitate to contact us

Phone: +420 775 201 007

We will prepare the price directly for you and we will send it to your email address.

We offer our bubble shows around the whole Czech and Slovak Republics


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